Forward to a friend not working


RE: my campaign "090527 MFAA Tasmanian Gala Ball 2009" under my client account "MFAA TAS".

My forward to a friend link is not functioning when I sent a test preview to myself for this campaign. Similar situation has arisen on some of my other campaigns.

I use [forwardtoafriend] in my HTML emails instead of my text emails. This has been working fine for 8 months but sometime earlier this month it stopped working. Now when I click the forward to a friend button it attempts to redirect me to the url [forwardtoafriend] which displays a 404 error.

The reason i need to use [fowardtoafriend] syntax is because I use an image map for my header. I fail to see how I can use <forwardtoafriend></forwardtoafriend> at all. Am I doing something wrong? is there some case I am not considering?


Jarrod Jarrod, 8 years ago

A recent update to the importing process to improve importing and download speed has caused this problem. Apologies - we will have it rectified soon. A workaround is to create image slices and use the <forwardtoafriend></forwardtoafriend> tags around the slices.

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