Email address validating error


I am importing an email address using a text file and one of the email address is formatted as this is a valid email address as the lady has contacted me and verified it.

the import manager says the following:

The following errors prohibited the new subscribers from being added

    * Email Address is not in the correct format

Please either fix the Email Addresses below, or don't include them by unchecking their corresponding checkbox.

anyone can help or get the validation fixed?


rapidweb, 10 years ago

anyone able to help?

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hmm, this looks like something our regular expression checker isn't giving the green light. The problem is, some mail servers out there have stricter rules than others in terms of which kinds of email addresses it will process. We've based our current system on only adding those that will be widely accepted.

If you're confident this kind of address is valid (which it sounds like you are), I'll pass this on to the dev team so they can tweak the address checker. You might want to send a quick email to support about this so we can let you know when/if it's been fixed.

rapidweb, 10 years ago


have sent an email.

:-) wish there was more standards for these type of things!

Ben Ben, 10 years ago

Hey Ray,

Just letting you know that this fix has been pushed live so that email address will now be allowed. Thanks again for contacting us about this one.

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