Plugin for MODx CMS

Hello good people from Campaign Monitor,

On the Downloads & Plugins page there are some really nice plugins for easy integration with different CMS systems.

Are there plans to include a plugin for the MODx CMS?

Edwin de Jong
Expanism Webdesign

Dave Dave, 7 years ago

Hey Edwin,

Thanks for the request. At this stage this isn't something we plan on building in-house. But, like almost all of our downloads and plugins, there's nothing stopping a clever customer from building their own integration using our API.

We'd be happy to help out any way we can.

JayGilmore, 7 years ago


I think it might make sense to post this in the MODx forums if you haven't already. Let users know what fields you want to use and store.

It is a fairly simple procedure to add the CM fields to a form.

Jay Gilmore

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