How can recievers mark email as spam?

How exactly is email marked as spam? I read in the documentation about how the ISP's can put certain emails on a blacklist based on certain rules (high content of links maybe, etc).

However, can individual receivers of an email also mark a received email as spam? I know Thunderbird has the button mark as spam, but it was my impression that that is only used locally (on my computer) to teach the local filter.

Why do I want to know? I do get some bounces on my email campaigns sometimes (not too many luckily) and wondered how this works.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Some email providers, like Hotmail and AOL for example, offer what are called 'feedback loops'. That means when a recipient clicks the 'mark as spam' button, the email provider notifies the company responsible for sending the email (if they are signed up to the feedback loop)

In the case of Campaign Monitor those notices are automatically processed and appear in your reports as spam complaints.

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matthijs, 8 years ago

Thanks, that's good to know. Gmail has that function as well. Does Gmail offer that feedback loop as well?

I hadn't noticed the stats for "marked as spam" in the campaign monitor stats yet. Looking at my own sent campaigns, there aren't any marked as spam numbers, so that's good I guess :)

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