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Morning folks

I've just taken over an account for a client who used CM in the past.  One of the problems they encountered last time they sent out a large list was that there was a delay while they were asked to provide proof that the e-mail addresses on their list were opted in, or certainly weren't spam.

I'm just about to import a list of 24000 addresses for a newsletter that needs to go out on the 8th November.  What I need to pre-empt is whether we're going to have the same issue.  We can't afford to have a situation where we try and send at the specified time and it gets delayed again while we provide our proof.

Is there any way that we can do this in advance?

redcat, 9 years ago

I've just received this from the client.  This is where the data has come from.  All I've done is replace the company name with xxxxxxx as this is a public forum:

One-off consumers who have bought a xxxxxxx in the past and have given their email address on booking a collection (this maybe online or over the phone)

Trade consumers who buy xxxxxxx regularly and have given their email address on booking a collection (this maybe online or over the phone)

Business consumers (who have accounts with xxxxxxx)

Stockists of the xxxxxxx (although most of these are being removed xxxx etc)

People who have received grants from xxxxxxx

New business prospects (those who have been targeted by xxxxxxx and have asked to be kept up-to-date with info)

We send out a quarterly newsletter to existing customers with a response form –some data comes from this
xxxxxxx staff and staff friends and families

All of the above would have consented to receive emails from xxxxxxx either with an opt-in clause or as part of the t’s and c’s of buying from xxxxxxx

Andy Jacobs
Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Andy,

Thanks for asking about this process, and yes, this list WILL need to be approved before you can send to it. unfortunately this isn't the right place for it, as we base our approval decision on a combination of your list, your campaign creative, the subject, etc - basically the whole picture.

If you're interested in getting advanced approval before having to send the campaign, check out this tip.

redcat, 9 years ago

Just a courtesy follow up:

Yep, that all went well and our 23000 e-mails went on Tuesday right as planned.

We bought the addresses from by the way... just kidding!

Andy Jacobs

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