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Hello everybody...

First post...

Just wondered if anybody creates their code for Lotus Notes? and if so, which versions do you cater for?

Lotus Notes 7 is a pain in the neck to code for, but version 8 seems to have improved a lot from what I can see...

Any thoughts...


supernath, 8 years ago

Hi Richard,

I find Lotus Notes 8 is okay to work with, 7 I accept some rendering issues, and 6 I cringe and look into metrics for how many LN 6 users we have.

In general, simple tables and shims seem to be the way to go if you want to look decent in the later versions of these clients. I found that once I made our templates work with Outlook 2007, Lotus Notes rendering improved a lot as well.

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

I think you'll find you can never really cater for 100% of the masses of email clients, however if you stick to the basics of HTMLgenerally you'll find you avoid any major issues. Make sure you enforce elements such as 'View Online' and in-line styles to get as close as possible.

Referring to the Campaign Monitor free templates may also give you some good insight to how this should be laid out, especially the fact these are pre-tested and known to work.

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