What happens if someone forwards an email to another person and...

that person clicks on the preferences or unsubscribe links at the bottom of the email?

Wouldn't that mean that the original subscriber's information can be changed by someone else?

I ask because, as handy as that 'forward to a friend' link is, most people are used to clicking 'forward' on their email programs.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Teresashu,

You're correct, if someone forwards their copy straight thru their email client then anyone who receives a copy would be able to unsubscribe them, change preferences etc. For that reason we always encourage the use of the forward to a friend link (make it prominent so people think to use it) and you might also wish to add in the [email]tag by those links just to make it clear to the forwardee whose email address was subscribed and would be modified.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Weezil, 8 years ago

I've had a client who's pointed this out as well.

Would it be a possibility to include the email address being unsubscribed on the 'Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?' page? That way the forwardee would realise that they're not unscribing themselves but the person who sent them the email....


Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Simon,

One thing you could do is use include the address in the unsubscribe message:

<unsubscribe>Click here to unsubscribe [email]</unsubscribe> from this mailing list.


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brent665, 8 years ago

We have emails being forwarded by our recipients to their lists (400+).  The forward to a friend option wouldn't work for this.  Like the post above, we end up having a few unsubscribes, which make an admin issue and we can even get marked as SPAMMING even though we have no control over the forward.  Any suggestions?

kanear, 8 years ago

I would think the better behaviour would be for the form to require the user to verify through an email sent to them if you couldn't disable the unsubscribe on email forward

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