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I manage the web site for my client who has multiple e-mail lists.  He would like the following:

We have the following newsletters available for download. Fill out your information and check the one(s) you want

Name: [               ]
E-mail:[               ]

Newsletter One [ ]
Newsletter Two [ ]


He would like for the visitor of the site to be able to choose either newsletter or both, then hit subscribe to populate the subscriber lists. I have searched throughout the help and forums, and I basically see where you can set up a subscribe link to, for example, Newsletter One and then have a little check box for Newsletter Two. This is not acceptable to him because it forces the visitor to sign up for both newsletters. Am I missing something on the CM web site that allows me to create this kind of subscribe form, or is not possible? He might in the future develop more newsletters, and he would like to make the sign-up process easy for the visitors. He wants this set up by the July 15, so any quick help would be appreciated.


ut-orl-update, 8 years ago

Well, an inelegant solution is to create a subscriber list that is not attached to a campaign, and then set up any other newsletter as subordinate to that, thus allowing the subscriber to choose the one(s) they want.  I will test for drawbacks.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Carlos,

That's one way (3 lists in total and never use the main list). Alternately, you could just have 1 list and use segments instead to separate out the separate "lists". Just add a custom field with multi-options for the "lists" and then have that field as checkboxes on their form and create segments based off that field. The plus to that is also then that you can later use the preference center to let your client's subscribers manage their list subscriptions.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
blenderhouse, 8 years ago

Has anyone else found a better solution to this? I have to do the exact same thing as the original poster and am having the same problem.


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