Outlook 7 glitch - blank space appearing across table

I have one small issue with our campaign before it is ready to go. It looks good everywhere except Outlook 7 which is showing a small break across the table (approx. 8 px high). I can't figure out where this is coming from as there is no actual break in the table in this spot (the glitch occurs in across the middle of a paragraph.) I thought it might be something in the code in that spot but when I delete the content the glitch still occurs.

Also, when you roll over the line the mouse cursor changes to a small black arrow that points straight down. When you click it highlights the entire email body.

here is the screenshot: http://dev.nootgroup.com/dev.starresorts/whitefish_EDM/images/screen-capture-1.png

and the source:

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

I'd try temporarily removing the stylesheet, as I suspect this is the issue. If that then fixes your issue then it comes down to trial & error with your CSS.

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arachne, 8 years ago

I have had this happen before and it always seems to come down to a problem with heights. I had a look through the code and there no table heights or cell heights, so I would try to play with the line heights that are in the CSS.

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lbdesign, 8 years ago

Thanks, guys. We went through the email and tested it in sections so we could find the bit that was causing the problem. When we got to the end it was going through without the glitch. Never figured out exactly what caused it but its working now.

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