Integrate mailing list from Microsoft Exchange with Campaign Monitor?

I have a client that has an organization-wide monthly newsletter that they want to stop saving as a PDF and instead sending it properly using a service like CM.

Unfortunately, the organization has over 11,000 employees and the only place this mailing list exists is within the MS Exchange server. It's constantly changing with people leaving and being hired, so it would need to be kept up to date for each mailing.

I suppose they could export the full list every time they do a mailing, upload it and replace the old list, but I'm wondering if anyone has done any sort of integration with Exchange before for mailing lists. I searched but didn't see anything.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

We haven't heard from people doing this specifically, but basically it would involve hooking up to the Campaign Monitor API, which you can read about at

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brightwhite, 8 years ago

Thanks Mathew. I thought this might be the case.

check this out, 8 years ago

brightwhite i had the exact same problem but i didnt want things to get too complex with api stuff.

the first solution i came up with was to speak with one of the organisations systems engineers who knocked up a script which provided me with a current list from the exchange server whenever i requested it.

that was okay but it meant that the mailing list would need to be removed and replaced just before each campaign to ensure that it was current - that would have been a hassle for me never mind the client.

in the end we decided to commence the fortnightly campaigns using an up-to-date list but in addition we also included a subscribe form on the organisations intranet homepage.

this has worked great so-far as leavers are automatically scrubbed from the list by campaign monitor anyway and new starters are encouraged to signup through the organisations induction process - the list now manages itself.

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