oulook 2003 (seemingly) randomly sends out a broken email

Outlook 2003 is sometimes breaking my emails and I dont understand why. I send the emails by creating a signature from the html file and sending that. I send the emails to my hotmail account. One time everything will look fine. Another everything will look crap. I do not change my signature or add/subtract any text from the email. As far as I can see the process I use is identical.

Further investigating the problem I opened 2 supposedly identical sent emails and saved their source from outlook. I then used a diff program to see the differences (I originally thought the problem was with hotmail). In the broken email all the display:blocks are removed.

I reiterate, these emails were sent minutes from each other without any changes to the signature or source file. It is making testing hard as I never know whether it is broken because of a change I made, or broken just because outlook is altering it before sending.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Wow, don't you love these kinds of problems? We haven't heard of this kind of change happening, but perhaps someone else has.

Are you testing with the same recipient email client eachtime?

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