Sharing Subscribers with Multiple Clients

All, I'm looking for a way to maintain a master list of subscribers and share them across multiple clients. I'm using Campaign Monitor to manage e-mail campaigns inside a large company and am currently considering a solution where each client is a different department.

The problem I'm wondering about is twofold:

1. Are unsubscribes global? In other words, if a customer receives an e-mail from one list and unsubscribes are they unsubscribed from all other lists regardless if it's with another client?

2. Can I somehow make a global list and assign segments of it to each client? So if the Software team wants to send to part of the list and maintain that part themselves they'd be able to do so separately from the Hardware team.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

In answer to your questions:

1. Unsubscribes are client wide, so they won't impact on any other client, in your account or any one else's

2. You can segment the list, but only within a client, so whoever is logged in as that client would have access to all the segments.

Basically, clients in Campaign Monitor are totally separate from each other.

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scoopy, 8 years ago

I've client who is after this master list shared to multiple clients - real estate client with multiple agents.  They want to be able to have a shared list  but have agents pay for their own campaigns.  Any ideas?

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi scoopy,

You could always develop a setup on your end to synchronize signups and unsubscribes, using our API.


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jduffy, 8 years ago

Similar query to scoopy. I run an international franchise where franchisor and franchisees generate subscribers and we need a commmon database to which each franchisee has access to only their segment but franchisor can access all segments. What is involved in the 'set on your end' to which you refer?

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