Resending a Welcome campaing can update Stats?


If we create a campaing to new leads/clients that we resend every time we get a new contact, it updates the original stat of the campaing or it creates a new stat?

I imagine that it creates a new stat. Is it posible join all these stats so we have a unique stat of the "New Leads/Clients" Campaing?


travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago


Every campaign is treated completely unique (even if the content and name is the same) so you will get a new report.

You can't join them, but you can use the compare campaigns option which will let you compare the stats across multiple campaigns.

Travis Bell
mc123, 7 years ago

A couple of ideas for the Compare functionality within the Reporting section.

1) It would be great if you can 'Filter' results (by keyword & date range) before selecting which campaigns to compare.
2) Export the Compare Campaign Result as a PDF (as per the single campaign reports)


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