Better search of support, forums, and blog

I've been a little frustrated with searching the help files, forums, and CM blog when looking up an issue. It seems that the spelling of the search term is only matched exactly, which means I have to spell things precisely. (In the case of searching the forums, it means that both I and the original poster have to spell terms precisely the same way.)

E.g., search for the following two phrases and note the very different results in the forum:
bounce setting
bounce settings

I've searched several times in the past few months on the first term, 'bounce setting', without success. Today, I spelled it slightly differently--'bounce settings'--and immediately found exactly what I was looking for.

Difficult-to-use search is a low-level frustration. Any chance you could improve or replace the site search with Google site search?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. The forum has it's own built in search, and we may look at changing that, although it would be a tricky process.

We're already making changes to the help doc search which should be improving very soon.

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