A/V in HTML email

From previous posts I'm getting the idea that if I create an html  email and include some streaming audio (or video) in it, something dire will happen and that I should just put in a link to the the A/V material. Since an HTML email, in my understanding, is just a stand-alone web page being sent as email, why not include streaming content in the thing? I'm about to launch the first issue of a monthly newsletter and want to do it right! I have an in-progress version of the newsletter parked on my website  Take a look, if you'd like.  Any tips appreciated.

The Riverdog thanks you.

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Hey Riverdog,

The main problem here is that the majority of email clients don't support A/V. The far better option is to simply have a link to the material that's hosted on your server. Plus since there'll be a link, you'll be able to track the interest in your material.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

I second that Riverdog, here are the results on our tests for flash support in email. If Flash is bad, then Quicktime and Windows Media is even worse. Linking to the content is far and away the best approach to take.

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