Finding border controls in Campaign Monitor template HTML Code


I'm a newbie to html and CSS. I'm editing one of the Campaign Monitor templates (2-Left Sidebar). I'd like to edit the settings for the color and line width of the vertical line that divides the sidebar from the body area, but cannot see where this is done in the HTML code. I'd like to either make the existing divider darker, or thicker.

This may be incorrect, but I've focused on looking for the "border" variable throughout the code for this template (especially for its use with tables and cells), but don't see where this is specified. The arguments listed for all of the "border" variable all show "0" as a value.

Could someone help out with this simple question and point me to where I might find the necessary variable/argument?

Thank you!

milou, 8 years ago

A friend helped me to find the answer, after looking more closely a the screen.css file.

There he found the entry:

td.mainbar {
    border-left: solid 2px #a7a9ac;
    padding: 22px 14px 0 14px

It's the three variables (solid; 2px; #a7a9ac) next to border-left tag that control the border line I wanted to edit

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

Learning CSS can be a steep learning curve, and more than often half the battle is decyphering other peoples CSS.

Perhaps trying to learn the ropes of CSS may help you sharpen your skills. A site such as may be very useful to you.

Good luck. - Everything Email.
Email: Skype: fyredefyre
milou, 8 years ago

Thank you for the suggestion, fyredefyre.

Yes, straying from the bounds of the provided templates does quickly lead into (for me) uncharted waters. I'll have a look at the CSS site you refer to - hopefully it will give me the boost that I need.

Thanks again.

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