What happens when I restore a subscriber from the suppression list?

If I add someone to the suppression list and then remove them from the suppression list, will they automatically be subscribed to the lists that they were originally subscribed to?

Here's an example scenario:
  1. john@doe.com is on the "People" list
  2. john@doe.com is added to the suppression list
  3. john@doe.com is removed from the suppression list

  Is john@doe.com automatically added back to the "People" list?

drebin123, 7 years ago

Bump on this, would like to know the answer.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Sorry for the delayed reply.

The subscriber won't be re-added to any list, they will just be off the suppression list and therefore you can reimport them. To get them back on the original lists you'd need to go to those lists, search for the person and change them back to active.

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