Importing a list and getting a confirmation

I might be asked to take over an existing list which I know (from being on it and knowing the current managers) is properly permission based.  The current maintenance is manual.  The list is undoubtedly bloated, and for various reasons it would be good to prune it.  My thought was that the move to Campaign Monitor, and the switch to automated webpage based subscribe/unsubscribe with double opt-in, was an ideal time to get list members to confrim they want to continue.

In other words, what I would like to do, if I get this work, is to import the list but have it treated as if everyone had just signed up, and send them the email asking for the confirmation.  [This would be a special email, later when their website is updated for list maintenance, we would revert to a standard one.]

Is this possible?  Or are there some good ideas that I can't see?  If they are obvious, please let me down gently - grin.  Thanks.

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi Johnvbla,
one way to go about this would be to send an email, as you described, with a link to confirm that the subscribers wish to remain subscribed. You can then make a segment with only the users who clicked on that specific link.

You can not, however, unsubscribe the rest automatically (I think).

I'm not sure this is how I'd go about it, though - another solution could be to simply write a paragraph to explain the situation in the first email you send, along with an unsubscribe link, for those who choose to use it.

A third way to go might be to use the current list for a few issues (letting the bounce handler work its magic), and after a while, stop sending to those who haven't opened, or clicked links in, any of the previous issues (again using segments).


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Johnvbla, 9 years ago

Thanks, Stig, that's wonderful.

I had wondered about segments, but having never used them before, I wasn't sure. I'm inspired now to have a good look. Potentially, we could use the segment for those left behind, who had not clicked through, to send extra messages "world ends for you if you don't click" and then delete them manually.

My favourite of your suggestions is the extra prominent unsubscribe link. I failed to mention that the initial email(s) would have an extra para about the change, not least because we are moving the list out of the European Union so need to tell people that their personal data is so moved (and make it easy for them to unsubscribe).  That is another reason why I wanted an opt-in.

The third option is not really useful for this list - full of anarchists, academics, intellectuals etc (big grin) who either use text email or pre 1995 software, or who have turned off the feature which allows the Campaign Monitor "opened" feature to work.

Anyway, I am now confident we can make this work with Campaign Monitor, thanks  very much, Stig.

[Of course if anyone at CM wants to take this as an implicit feature request, they should definitely do so.]

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