Failed spam test for Outlook 07 + copy centered on please


We've got a newletter to send for a client that failed the design and spam test for Outlook 07 and the copy is centered on GMail instead of ranged left as it should be.

The newsletter is at: 

Any help as to how we can fix these two problems would be much appreciated.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi alphastate,

The spam failure is a tricky one, unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't really released any details about how their filter works. We do know it's mostly filtering on content though I've noticed it's picky about invalid code as well (which is funny considering the horrible code Outlook itself creates). Your best bet would likely be to download a trial version of the software (if you don't have a copy of your own) and start removing content (the first half, etc) until it's delivered to start narrowing down where the content that's causing the filtering is. Make sure you look at things like the subject line, from name, etc as well.

Regarding the centering, that's at least easy to fix. In the <td>s that should be left aligned just add in align="left". Since in the main table td you have an align="center" Gmail is interpreting them all as aligned center, you just have to align the rest as left.

So for example change this:
<td width="550" valign="top">        <p>&nbsp;</p>
          <!-- Email Content -->
          <p>Dear [firstname,fallback=customer]  [lastname,fallback=customer]</p>

<td width="550" valign="top" align="left">        <p>&nbsp;</p>
          <!-- Email Content -->
          <p>Dear [firstname,fallback=customer]  [lastname,fallback=customer]</p>

And that should have the main body of your email text aligning to the left now.

D. Potter
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