Outlook 2007 spam test reports failed then changes to passed

I've seen this a few times now. When running a spam test Outlook might say "Failed" - on occassions it has even shown the reason - then once all tests are complete this changes to "Passed".

Why is this? Which opinion do I believe?

foamcow, 8 years ago

I would have hoped that after 2 days someone at Campaign Monitor might have some kind of comment on this.
It seems that there is either a bug or the spam testing just doesn't work properly.

QuantumDynamix QuantumDynamix, 8 years ago

This happened to me the other day (Tuesday Evening) too. I'm also having problems passing Norton 2008 now. Feels like I'm just donating a continuous stream of $5 bills to Campaign Monitor for very little usable feedback in return.

brentos, 8 years ago

Bump! Something is not right with this.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


Sorry for missing this one. Basically, we use two different services to return all of the screenshots and filter test results, and in rare cases they can return different results for the same filter.

Unfortunately, the way spam filters work is quite 'black box' and even the same email can show different results if the specific installation of a filter differs in some way, like different rules or past 'experience' with spam.

We'll look at what we can do from our end to clarify things, but you do always need to keep in mind that the filter results are a general guide, and any particular recipient's filter may not act in the same way. If all or many of the tests are failing, that's a bad sign, but just one or two is not too much of a concern.

It's frustrating, but understandable that filter makers are not keen on giving away much information about how their filters work.

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