Dealing with customer's titles

Maybe the answer is "you're out of luck" but you never know if you don't ask, right?

Some of our client's customers have signed up as "Dr. Jane Doe" or "Mr. & Mrs. John Doe" and it seems to me that if I add a [firstname] tag that I'm going to end up with "Dear Dr.," or "Dear Mr.," which will look silly.

Now, we're only talking about 50-odd people out of 5000+ but...

The only idea that just occurred to me is to break them out of the list, delete their title, and customize the message for each group, so I'll have one "Dear Dr. [lastname]" and "Dear Mr & Mrs [lastname]".

I suppose that's easier than getting CampaignMonitor to change their entire application. So I guess I'll post this as more of a suggestion than a question.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


Yeah, manually scrubbing is likely the best option. You could also use the [fullname] tag which will pick up the whole record for everyone. But that means rather than saying Dear John, you'd be saying Dear John Smith, which is less personal.

It's not really easy for us to automatically detect things like Dr. etc or Mr and Mrs because there are so many different ways it could come up and different ways people would want it handled.

D. Potter
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