Failed without explanation

The report for my campaign says that I have failed the tests for Norton 2008 and Outlook 2007 but they don’t give me any reason why.  Is this common?  Could this be why 90% of my emails remain unopened? 
If you could take a look I would appreciate any comments.

Thank you

julia, 8 years ago

I also have the same problem. Failed Norton 2008 but doesn't give an explanation. Suggestions on what to do next?

chrometoaster, 8 years ago

I also have this problem. Your help text says that your AI spam filter will display 'up to 45 keywords'...

"Although Norton Internet Security 2008 does not provide reason information in its interface about why it filters messages as spam, we have installed our own artificial intelligence spam filter which approximates Norton results and provides suggested keywords that cause messages to fail Norton. We will display up to 45 keywords with a weight greater than 0.6, in descending order from highest to lowest weight. Keywords that are weighted more highly are more closely correlated with keywords that cause to fail Norton Internet Security 2008."

... but all I'm getting is:

(x) | Norton 2008 | Filter set as default | Failed

Is the AI offline?


Lex, 8 years ago

Yeah that's the same thing I get.   Maybe they just want us to keep doing $5 tests till we get it right.
Maybe someone could post a list of the 45 keywords here in the forums.  Maybe I have too many links.  If I had some way of knowing I could fix it.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Unfortunately, the filters (and filter simulations) don't always provide those words or reasons, and often all we can get back is a pass or fail.

It is frustrating, but filter makers understandably don't release a lot of information about how their tools work. Whenever we can provide reasons, you will see them listed right there in your reports.

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QuantumDynamix QuantumDynamix, 8 years ago
chrometoaster :

"...we have installed our own artificial intelligence spam filter which approximates Norton results and provides suggested keywords..."

Perhaps I'm a bit confused. The help page says "we." I'm assuming "we" equals Campaign Monitor. Doesn't this mean that your very own AI spam filter is broken?

brentos, 8 years ago

I'm experiencing the same thing with the Outlook 2007 and Norton spam filter fails.

A brand new install of Outlook 2007 with default settings doesn't seem to mark the message as spam however. And the spam report has changed Outlook 2007 from passed to failed and back a couple of times now. So it seems like something is up with spam testing for Outlook 2007.

As for Norton I don't have a copy of that to test against. But it seems like something is up, because very similiar messages for the same client have passed it without a problem. The 45 'spammy words' would be a nice thing to have access to since we don't get that info back from Norton or the simulator.

It might be interesting to shell out the US$5 and run an old message back through the spam test and see if it fails where it had previously passed...

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

@QuantumDynamix We actually use two separate third party services to get those results, and then integrate them into your reports, so we don't have direct access to the filters.

However, it is still the filters (or simulated filter) themselves that return the result, and we can only report what we get back. They are basically 'black boxes' for obvious reasons.

We've actually taken Norton 2008 out of the results for now, as it seems to be failing an abnormally large number of people.

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