An email signature in Outlook 2003

I need some help with getting an email signature to behave in Outlook 2003. As this is a job for a client of mine there could be some money involved. Here is a link to the signature...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

What exactly are your issues with this? This sounds like you need more help adding this to Outlook 2003 itself rather with your HTML. Happy to help if you need it. - Everything Email.
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dean, 8 years ago

I imported the HTML signature into Outlook 2003 using:
Tools/Options/Mail Format/Signatures.../New/Browse... (not hard)
I used campaignmonitor to design test my HTML signature.
The campaignmonitor mailserver sent me the signature PERFECT.
The design tests also had very good results.
However I can not get Outlook 2003 to send me the same code (in a signature) as it appeared from campaignmonitor. What does campaignmonitor do to the code that fixes it?

In the "create signature" preview window the signature is perfect but when I create a new message the signature changes (just a little, but too much) ??????? Why Why Why !!!!

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