A real newby question re CNAME setup


I am having problems with setting up my CNAME  at my host. I have access to my DNS records but I really need to be shown not told how to do this please. Can anyone explain what I need to do in simple terms?

1. I have created a subdomain "ecomail" on my server.
2. I have configured Site Address  as 
            http://ecomail.csend.com at C/Send C/Send>Customize  and the site is working fine.
3. In C/Send>Customize Custom set
             Domain Name:http://www.ecomail.com.au

At my hosting account website xyz.com.au:> Modify Advanced DNS

Host Name    Destination
ecomail          .xyz.com.au   

After that it shows as -
Primary DNS     : ns1.xyz.com.au
Secondary DNS : ns2.xyz.com.au

Type      Name                          Value                                                            Other
A           ecomail.xyz.com.au (which is c/send IP)            TTL 86400
CNAME  *.xyz.com.au                park.abc.com                                                 -

This part http://ecomail.csend.com  works already.

What I want of course is when my client goes to create or register for a Newsletter, I want them to see in the URL "http://www.ecomail.com.au"  which in affect will be hidden http://ecomail.csend.com ...I think or hoping?

Ayy help is much appreciated.

tkay, 8 years ago

I had similar problems and ended up contacting my hosting company and asking them to do it.  (In my case I only had limited access to DNS.)

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hi oavs,

Sorry we didn't see this earlier to help out.  Generally trying set the subdomain as www can be problematic. Can you contact support about this one so we can dig into the specifics and get it sorted? Thanks!

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