Overlay heatmaps ?

Hi guys,

I was just having an emotional thought this morning about just how great CM is! To some of the bigger boys this is nothing but we've just sent out around 115,000 emails and it's an absolute dream!

One thing I was thinking would be really cool is; has it been thought about, or is there scope to use some sort of heatmap overlays for reporting which are the most popular links visually over the top of the sent campaign email?

Thanks for such a great product!

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Aidan, great to hear you've had such a great experience so far with Campaign Monitor. We've had a few requests for heatmaps or click overlay reports to date, and I've just added your vote tot he count. I can definitely see how they can be a useful way to check out click activity.

Thanks for the suggestion.

ulrichebsen, 7 years ago


I would like to cast a BIG vote for that... ;)

Thanks for an otherwise great product.. ;)
Ulrich Ebsen

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion and the kind words, Ulrich!

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cloud9, 7 years ago

Hi Guys.

Is there any way (other than a screen grab) of exporting the overlays?


rosastef, 7 years ago

I agree 100% with aidanhaylock!!

CM rocks and a heatmap overlay would make it even more awesome!

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi rosastef,

A link click overlay feature actually went live a couple of weeks ago. You can check out some details about it here.

cloud9, it isn't possible to export the overlays at this time, but I'll put that in as a feature request.

D. Potter
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