Maximum number of characters in a personalized field?

Hi all,

For one of our clients I'm sending up a follow up email for completed orders. The client is supplying me with a list of the products they bought and a link to that product page on their site. I'm taking that info, generating an html unordered list <ul> with the product name acting as the anchor text for a link to the web site, and putting the whole list into a personalized field inside of CM.

In my template I pull the personalized field into the correct spot and it works like magic if they have bought one or two items. If they've bought three or more items it appears my html code gets truncated by CM causing all kinds of mayhem with the resulting emails.

So, I'm wondering:

1. what is the maximum number of characters a personalized field can hold?

2. If this is a small data field, any suggestions on how to generate a list of links without leaving a whole bunch of white space if they only ordered one thing?


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Rod,

Sounds like a great use of custom fields to create a dynamic email. Nice. Unfortunately, each custom field can only store a maximum of 256 characters, which is likely leading to this issue.

One suggestion on cutting back on space would to try and truncate the URL's so they include the minimum required data. For example, if your URL's are:

Could you just store "1/page1.html", "2/page1.html", and "3/page1.html" instead of the complete URL's?

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