what pricing for clients

hi guys - are there any recommendations about the pricing for clients? thanks for your help!

torweb, 8 years ago

Hi Janji

I try to be competitive with regards to sending prices and charge about 1.8 cents (US) per email, $7.00 for the onetime sending fee and $7.00 for the SPAM check.  Where I make my money is the template, which I customize from scratch and charge about $400...telling my clients that their newsletter will and does look much nicer than those supplied by competitors like Constant Contact.  So far it's been working great for me with over 30 clients and growing.

janji, 8 years ago

@torweb: thanks for your respond! after some time... i was thinking too about charging for templates, copywriting and consulting. are you interested about designing templates for my clients?

ciclista, 8 years ago

If Torweb wouldn't - i could ;)

Sketch Sketch, 8 years ago

Hi Janji,

We usually charge $30/send and 2.0 cents subscriber and $15 for spam reporting, as well as $400+ for templates.

We have about 30 clients currently, and have not had any complaints about our pricing. However, I find that because they only pay a one off fee for the template, there is usually a couple of hours spent in support and training for the client which the higher send fee can help cover.

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