Client.Create then Client.UpdateAccessAndBilling.php in one manouevre?

I've downloaded the PHP Wrapper for the API and all looks good, but I'm stuck on one step, after using Client.Create to creaate a new client, how do I capture the client_id to then continue with  Client.UpdateAccessAndBilling.php and other functions?

Thanks for any help

Joomailer Joomailer, 8 years ago

You could use  $clients =  $cm->userGetClients(  );  to get all clients returned in an array. Then you go through that array with foreach and use an if clause to find the client with the name you just created.


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Phil Phil, 8 years ago

Hi sgpratley,

In addition to what Joomailer says, a more direct method is to use the return value from the Client.Create procedure - a string containing the newly created ClientID.

Hope that helps :)

richardjkeys, 8 years ago

That would defienately be a preferred way to do it. I'm having some trouble getting this ID though!

I run this method:

$result=  $cm->clientCreate(  );

Obviously I fill the parameters. This successfully creates a new account within the system. However, the $result variable is an array, with size of 1, but $result[0] is blank. I assumed this should be the new client's ID?

Can anyone offer any advice for this?

The response came back nested in multiple arrays, once I'd sussed this I got it working fine!

jlorndorff, 7 years ago

I am having the same issue, can anyone help? Not sure how to get the clientID after the account is setup.

Here is my code so far:

$companyName = $_POST['companyName'];        
$contactName = $_POST['contactName'];
$emailAddress = $_POST['emailAddress'];
$country = $_POST['country'];
$timezone = $_POST['timezone'];

    $cm = new CampaignMonitor( $apikey );
    //Optional statement to include debugging information in the result
    $cm->debug_level = 1;
    //This is the actual call to the method
    $result = $cm->clientCreate( $companyName, $contactName, $emailAddress, $country, $timezone );
    echo '<br><br>';

//-----------------------------INPUT PARAMS---------------------------------------

$apikey = '';
$client_id = '';
$accessLevel = '63';
$username = $_POST['apiusername'];
$password = $_POST['apiPassword'];
$billingType = 'ClientPaysWithMarkup';
$currency = 'USD';
$deliveryFee = '7';
$costPerRecipient = '3';
$designAndSpamTestFee = '10';
elixir, 7 years ago

The following will work.

$result = $cm->clientCreate(...);

$client_id = $result['anyType'];

In fact, the returned array need to be checked to make sure that there is no error. Otherwise, this will fail with 'invalid client id' message.

Use this when calling Client.UpdateAccessAndBilling.

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reldridge, 7 years ago

Did anyone get this working? Im not understanding how to go to the next step after the client is created... I just get the return value which i believe is the client id returned onto the screen?

Thanks again

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