Approving Accounts and Appalling Customer Service

One of the reasons I chose CampaignMonitor was the feeling that I was amongst like minded people. People who, whilst running a business, had a real humanity about them. I am appalled at the responses I've received from one of your customer service people, and really hope it doesn't mean the end of the CampaignMonitor Clan.

Approving accounts for sending large lists. Here I'm talking about a list of 1,500. We've run into this before, where the client is so excited to have finally got to the point where they are ready to send their email, usually after much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands. Up comes the dreaded "You must be approved to send this number of emails".

The second last time this happened, the client was going off on holidays that evening, so I answered the questions for him. With still no response, we segmented the list and sent in smaller batches. Having answered the questions several times - Travis and Diana - I assumed that the account would be approved. It obviously wasn't, but no-body bothered to let me know. The next time I hear from my client that they have exactly the same issue as before. Now I really look like my right arm doesn't know what my left arm is doing. Thanks a million. So I enter into conversation with another support person. This one tells me that since I've sent the email having used the very useful segments, I'll now have to wait until another campaign is set up before being able to get approval.

This is, frankly, ridiculous. If the client can send - albeit spending an extra $15 - what is the point of this approval process? Why must we wait until it's time to send a new campaign to get new approval? When it is patently obvious that this client is not a spammer (which you can see from the level of unsubscribes and zero report as spam and high open rate) why insist on "going through the process"?

Have some sense. Why isn't there a way for the client to ask for approval before they get to the point when they are sending?

Sorry to rant, but this "more than my jobs worth" attitude smacks so much of the old establishment I'm horrified to find it here.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience. Your client can certainly submit the campaign for approval before they're ready to send (in fact that's what we recommend doing) so they don't run into delays in their schedule, the campaign just needs to be complete so that we can review it along with their permissions because we need to see both (we aren't just approving lists, we have to review the actual campaign being sent as well). They're prompted to submit it for review the moment they define the recipients. The reason for this is because it's the number of recipients that the campaign is being sent to that decides if approval would be necessary. We wouldn't have any way of knowing until that stage.

Unfortunately, previously the account hadn't been approved because the approval process hadn't been completed (which you'd been notified of), we were still waiting on details from you about their permissions and in this case because the campaign was already sent before it could be fully reviewed, it removes it from the approval queue so we simply have no way to review and approve it. It's actually going around the process to send in smaller chunks like that and something we may be preventing in the future.

That said, though, we are really sorry about your experience. If you could submit another campaign for them for review we'll do our best to review it as quickly as possible so that they'd be approved in advance of their next sending.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
SarahDaisy, 8 years ago

Hi Diana,
This is really my point. This seems like an absolutely insane process. What I will do now is submit a campaign for approval which I have no intention of sending, just so that the account can be approved. This makes an absolute mockery of the process - just as I could get around it before. Crackers IMO.

By the way, I was never notified that the approval process was halted by changing the recipients.

I completely understand that you need to prevent the system from being used by spammers - but surely you can make the process more sensible for the rest of us?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


Normally the approval process does need to be the exact campaign being sent so that we can review the explanation, the history, make sure everything matches, etc. In this case we're just willing to go outside of the process to make everything smoother for you and your client. We just have to have something in there to review since you'd already sent the campaign. It is really best, though, if a real campaign could be submitted and then if you could wait until it's approved before sending as that does remove it from the approval process (we can't approve something that is already sent). Your clients, however, can definitely submit the campaign for review well in advance of when they need to send. They just need to create the campaign with content and define the recipients and the approval box will pop up. Just submit that with a details description as to how everyone on the list explicitly opted in (the more details the better) and that should make everything go quite quickly. We've yet to receive details about exactly how your clients subscribers explicitly opted in, that's what held up their original request, and we would need those details before we could proceed.

The approval process is tiered, so they just need to plan ahead for the first campaign and once it's approved they won't be delayed again unless sending to a significantly larger list. We realize it can be a hassle but it's necessary to be able to have the time to thoroughly review campaigns before they're sent in order to prevent violations to our terms of use, protect our servers from potential spam complaints and look for general issues that should be changed in the campaign itself. We're even known to just catch little code or spelling issues and can help you get those sorted out as well, before things are sent.

As I said though, because people are going around the process by splitting up the lists like you did we are looking at preventing that from occurring in the future. Generally the process goes quite smoothly, so we are sorry that you had so many problems with it.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor

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