frequently-sent newsletters to different subscriber lists

hi folks,

We love CM for mass-mailing one-time blasts but we have a new type of conundrum and are scrabbling for a solution.


user signs up and receives intro newsletter immediately.  then receives a roughly-weekly update for a few weeks.  currently our webserver sends all the mail, but that has not scaled well over 18,000 signups.

the key needs that we hope to meet by using the API:

0) have the initial signup trigger a personalized (we solicit name and some stats during signup) intro email

1) have a campaign with a set of messages which we can trigger for a specific, dynamic email list on a daily basis with no manual intervention.  needs to be personalizable from above details.

now, it seems likely that the API can handle this.  but how well does it scale for repeated, frequent use?  i'm talking over a thousand individual batches sent out so far via our server over the past month or so, and the client we are developing this for wants to ramp up his traffic.  vertical response seems capable, but i seem to have to create effectively a new email & new list for every sending, meaning that over the course of a week, our account fills up with a zillion one-time-use lists/emails.

is there a more elegant solution with CM?

thanks in advance for your help!

laurent, 8 years ago

Hey fool,

I'm having exactly the same requirement and was wondering if you have implemented a solution yet? We're trying to trigger individual emails (with highly customized content) using business rules in a CRM.

Anyone has implement such a system?

To the CM staff, can CM handle thousands of individual mailings a day?


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