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Hi there!

Just got this kind of situation:

CM sends confirmation email upon registration to list, with two links in it: Subscribe ($$link$$), and Unsubscribe ([unsubscribe]).

Recipient gets an email with both links (double opt in), clicks on Subscribe ($$link$$) — CM fires custom (our own) welcome page (Secondary Confirmation Page).

Now, after couple of seconds/minutes/hours SAME Recipient clicks on Unsubscribe ([unsubscribe]) link in SAME confirmation email (where he/she previously clicked Subscribe ($$link$$)), CM successfully fires custom (our own) Unsubscribe confirmation page.

Afterwards, in a couple of minutes, Subscriber clicks Subscribe link once again, upon decision to ReSubscribe to list.

Here is the issues:
a) CM fires generic confirmation page in plain English, instead of custom page;
b) Subscriber's status is not changing from Unsubscribed to Confirmed.

How and why this is happening?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Andy,

This is one that probably has just never come up before - the confirmation link is only built to handle the original click. We'll note that down as something to look at for the future. It would be a fairly rare situation, based on our feedback so far.

Also, the default unsubscribe page actually has a resubscribe option on it too, which would work in this case, as opposed to confirming, which is a one-time thing.

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andywhite, 8 years ago


The DEFAULT unsubscribe page has a re-subscribe option — that is true. But HOW to put this re-subscribe link into our custom unsubscribe page? That is the question.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

It isn't possible to have the resubscribe in your custom page I'm afraid, it only works in the default page because we have all the information required.

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