Feature Request: Custom internationalization for the client side


I have a feature request, that if implemented, really would change things for me and hopefully others.

What I'm thinking of here is an ability to customize the text strings that gets output to the client when logged in. Talk about total rebranding! Since I will only be reselling to Swedish customers - it will look way more professional.

I would of course be doing all the translation work, "all" that has to be done on CM-side is that static text in the ASP coding of the application gets fetched from a database instead, just as custom confirmation emails/preferences centers already do. And it would only have to be the text that a client can ever see, not the rest.

This would simply be awesome. I don't know if I'm perhaps in the minority here, being non-US, but I let's hope not. :)



Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion Jonathan. We do get other requests for this kind of translation, but at the moment we are only planning to offer Campaign Monitor in English I'm afraid. We do appreciate your interest though.

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