background color not displaying in yahoo's new mail

Everything displays correctly in outloookk 2007 which is a surprise because that is the most difficult one.  But in yahoo the background color is not displaying. Does any have any suggestions or know exactly how yahoo excepts background color?

Also, here is a link to the newsletter:

Thanks for any help

Stig Stig, 10 years ago

Hi jhaubein,
a few you could try:

- Defining the background color using css
- Using a container div with your background color


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jhaubein, 10 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions I have already tried using css to define the color but I wll now try a container div.

I hope that works.  It's being broadcasted today but none of my subscribers use yahoo but I hate to have something not look right when my business is to create these templates.


It seems like others are having yahoo problems now and I've never had a problem before with my other templates. Did they change something?

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