Deleting subscribers

I am doing some work in signing up new subscribers via API, and I have come a cross an annoying situation I am hoping some one can solve for me..

When I test my form, I use my own email to sign up, but then I can not "really" delete my email from the database, I can only move it to the "deleted" section.. This mean I can not sign myself up again and receive the sigh up confirmation I am sending.. Every time I test I need to use a different email address.. I have now used up the 5 email I have!!!

Is there a way to completely remove a user from a list as if they never sighed up in the first place???!!!

Ken Ken, 8 years ago

Hi Alex,

You should be able to resubscribe yourself. First off, you should be using the Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe or Subscriber.AddAndResubscribeWithCustomFields methods, and not Subscriber.Add or Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields.

Using either of the two methods mentioned above should resubscribe your email address, whether the email address has either been deleted or unsubscribed.

I hope that helps.
unhitched, 8 years ago

Hi Ken,

I'm also wondering how CM handles deleted subscribers.  I can move them to the "Deleted" section but can't see how I 'permanently' delete them.  Does CM have an option to do this or is there some automatic cleanup I need to wait for?

FYI: it doesn't seem that the PHP samples include the "Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe" function.


edit: closer inspection of the PHP class shows the method is there afterall - but I'd still like to know how to delete using the web front end if it's possible.

Alex D, 8 years ago

Thanks Ken, that solves my issue, but would still like the ability to truly remove a user.

Alex Duffield - Owner
InControl Solutions
adamlcasey, 5 years ago


tobyb tobyb, 5 years ago

Hi Adam,

We've recently added the ability to delete subscribers via the api. You can find the details of this call here

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