Managing lists with an outside CRM?

My company is looking into implementing our first company-wide CRM. We're looking at things like Highrise, Sugar,, etc.

The thing that I struggle with is how to keep lists at CM jived with the other CRM without constant manual importing and exporting. How do I keep up with unsubscribes, etc. in both places, who is on what list, etc.?

Are there any systems that already have integration with CM?

I'm not really looking for a technical, code-filled answer. Just theoretically, how do people normally do this - is it possible? That sort of thing.


jtnt, 9 years ago

Is this so simple that I should just know how to do this or so complex that no one can tell me how to do this?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Sorry for the lack of response on this one. I'd chance a guess that you haven't got an answer because it falls in the "complex" rather than "simple" pile. Right now there are no direct examples of complete integration with any major CRM tools, and if you were to do it, the API would be the place to start.

Basically, you'd need to ensure the CRM itself had a decent API, and then create something in the middle that keeps them both in sync. This sounds complex but is certainly within the realm of an experienced developer.

tshannon tshannon, 9 years ago

I've been planning to do this with highrise for a while, would other people be interested in such a thing?

vince, 9 years ago

I would personally like to see integration with

spiegeldg spiegeldg, 7 years ago

We're thinking about making public our synchronization tool that automatically (every 15 minutes) pushes all of your Highrise email addresses into your CampaignMonitor account. We're pretty close to having this fully operational for mass use, but I wanted to shout out to the CM community first and see if anyone had any specific requirements, ideas, features, etc. We'd of course like to know if anyone was interested in this service as well (besides us). Send us your feedback or interest: -- Thanks!

Spiegel Design Group, Inc. -- --
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi folks, I'm glad to say that integration with Highrise is now possible, thanks to OneSaas.

OneSaas is a web service that allows multiple web apps/APIs to communicate together. What's best is that it can push your contacts from Highrise, Basecamp, Freshbooks and more to a Campaign Monitor subscriber list. We've got a in-depth walkthrough in our blog.

Thanks to OneSaas for bringing this to life - there's even a free account to help you get started. We'd love to hear your feedback, however feel free to contact the developers directly.

PS: We also have a Salesforce connector for Enterprise & Developer Editions.

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