how to specify a repeater as a "top" or "bottom" item

So, I want a dashed line to separate the different repeater items in my client's newsletter.

But what I don't want is a dashed line after the last item.

How do I specify an item as a "top" or "bottom" if it is a repeater? I see the code in the sample template. But I don't know how to incorporate it. 

Thank you!

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

When you say you can see the code in the sample, can you let us know what code specifically you are referring to? If it just a class being added, then it is likely to not be a repeating element, but a single editable element instead.

What you probably need is the last child pseudo class, but unfortunately we haven't done a lot of testing to see how well supported it is.

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