Conflict with ids and classes in webmail clients css

When I create a CSS-styled email, I do a couple of things. I always try to keep the entire message wrapped in a div with a unique name, so that I can create rules that match my specific content.  Within that div, I attempt to "reset" things. But all too frequently, some CSS used to style the shell of the webmail client interferes with my styling.

I thought the reset generally worked, but comcast's webmail got me today because I used have a div with an id of "content" and comcast has

   #content { margin: 0 0 0 157px !important; }

and the !important nailed me.

Do I need to make my id and classes unique so that they never collide? Or am I missing something?

e.g.,   STheader, STfooter, STcontent, etc.


Stig Stig, 10 years ago

Hi Mark,
you basically got the solution yourself :) Use something you can be sure nobody else will be using.


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MarkS, 10 years ago

Thanks Stig. I appreciate the reply.

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