URGENT import authorisation needed

Hi, a client on my account (nwd.createsend.com) wants to send out their mail today (shortly).  They have only just imported the list (1,500 people) and have come up with the authorisation brick wall.  Is it possible to push this authorisation for large list import thorugh asap?  The client is a company selling business to business and all email addresses are known and are happy to be contacted via their list.

The send in question is: Snapshot for Creative Industries Save the Date

I would very much appreciate a speedy response either way so I can let them know.

Many thanks,

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hey Tony,

It looks like we replied to their/your approval requests a few minutes after they came in so you should be all sorted now. Get in touch with support though if you still need any assistance.

D. Potter
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