How do I make text load before images?

This might be something really easy to do so excuse my ignorance here! In some emails i get that use say a big header image I often see that the text loads at the top first and once the image has loaded it pushes the text down. This is excellent because it means that customers immediately read something first.

FontShop News for example who use Campaign Monitor do this in their emails.

Does anyone know how I can get this to happen?



predicaments, 8 years ago

come on someone! help me!

predicaments, 8 years ago

Ok i sorted it! Remove the image height and width attributes in the tag and this forces the client to render the text first. Sounds simple but this could be the difference between a spammed email or a click through!

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

Generally you should use some 'preview' header text above your emails as best practice anyway. It's great for doing a few things:

1) Establishing an option to 'view online' in case the email isn't rendering correctly
2) Gets straight to the point of what the email is about
3) Option to add '' to safe sender list
4) Compliant with Outlook's preview popup message

Combined these elements increase your email's performance and if you write the copy well you'll see a definate improvement. We're all busy and won't spend 5 minutes reading an email top to bottom (as good as it may be!).

Lastly, sounds like you should be using alt tags on your images, these reflect the copy in the image itself before it's loaded. Adding alt="description here" to your image tags will help you out with that issue.

Trust this should fix your problem. Good luck. - Everything Email.
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