Outlook 2007 columns

I recently put together a newsletter which is made up of two columns. I inserted all the data and noticed in the right  columns an image was shifting down. After a bit of investigation I realized it was shifting down as a result of the first columns content ending mid way through image and it had forced the image in the column to the right to shift. The top of the image was aligned to the bottom of the end of the content on the first column. I have checked all the tags and they are closed. The table structure is setup correctly width of columns are correct relative to the content and margins I have removed all padding in table and <td> cells and replaced it with margins. There is no overlapping content or image that would force it down.

All other email applications display correctly but am I missing something. As I fix I have inserted the content of both columns in a DIV within a TD to try and force the content to hold together.

If anybody has experienced this please help.

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

If you still can't fix this, try adding a nested table, and define a set amount of height in a seperate cell to the image, that way you have control of where this sits.

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