campaign.Create doesnt check if campaign name supplied

I noticed that the campaign.create function does not check if there is a campaign name supplied and does not throw an error if not! That means you can create campaigns over the API that are missing a name and thus can not be accessed over the cretaesend interface.

Another wish I have is that the clientGetCampaigns function does return the campaign name. It only returns the subject but i think it would be easy to implement that it also returns the name, right? :)

Thanks in advance,

Phil Phil, 8 years ago

Hi Joomailer,

Busy day on the forums eh?? ;)

Thanks for mentioning these - the first is more of a bug than a feature, so we'll get onto addressing that at some point. The bug report has been created, and we'll report the fix here.

The second is something that a lot of people have mentioned. Unfortunately it's not so simple as doing an easy fix - we have customers with existing code to look after too. The improvement request already exists, so i've added an extra mention on your behalf. Again you'll be contacted whenever something happens in that area.

Joomailer Joomailer, 8 years ago

Hello Phil,

The first point was indeed meant as bug report ;) At the moment I would prevent empty campaign names by a Javascript before the form is submitted but for the API's completeness it should be fixed at some point. However its a bug of rather low priority.

About the second issue: I dont understand that if clientGetCampaigns would return the campaign name it affects any existing code. The array would just contain another key=>value.
However I'd really like to see a improvement on this topic. At the moment the recent campaigns must be listed by subject, which is not necessarily as informative as the campaign names. 
Thanks for letting me know when something happens.


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