Benefits of CM over built-in CMS module...

A client is evaluating potential content management systems, and one of their criteria is around whether the chosen CMS can provide them with the ability to send email newsletters.

I'm recommending, however, that a better approach may be to use an external email marketing tool (like CampaignMonitor), and integrate it into their chosen CMS via the API.

How would you "sell" the benefits of CampaignMonitor over those integrated CMS products?

The benefits, as I see them, are that CampaignMonitor:

- sends email in multipart/alternative MIME format, allowing HTML and plain text versions of the email to be sent together (the recipient's email client settings would determine which one was shown)

- maximises deliverability - servers are dedicated, high-performance mail servers, whitelisted with all the major ISPs, prevents the client's mail servers from getting bogged down with delivering campaigns, and reduces ?he risk of them getting spam-blacklisted

- takes care of subscriber lists - double opt-in additions, instant unsubcribe links, handling different types of bounce, managing suppression lists etc.

- allows detailed personalisation, segmenting, A/B split testing (?)

- allows detailed campaign testing in various email clients, and tests content against spam filters

Any others?



jizepi jizepi, 8 years ago

Oh, and the reporting and analytics, obviously...

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