Dealing with unsubscribes in a separate list

We're hoping to trying out using CampaignMonitor this month for sending out our monthly e-mail (ETA send out tomorrow morning). We've been using another e-mail provider, but we've been concerned that the deliverability isn't great with it.

Here's the situation: I can take all of my subscribers and import them into CampaignMonitor. Future subscribes from our website will still be managed through the API on our other provider. But, I'm wondering how we'll deal with the unsubscribes. My main list will still be on the other provider, but obviously the unsubscribes will be coming in through CampaignMonitor.

We would like to switch to CampaignMonitor IF the deliverability is much greater than our other place. If it's not, we'll probably stay with the other one. The only way we can figure out how to see if it try it out!

Does CampaignMonitor have a way to export the unsubscribes? If so, I could use those to keep my list current.

Also, is there a way to send myself test messages without being charged $5 per test send?

Thanks for your help,

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hey Sarah,

Yes you can export your unsubscribes, so there's no issues there. Also, the $5 is for the full design/spam tests, you can send out preview emails to up to 5 recipients for no charge at all for your testing purposes.

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