URGENT Campaign authorisation needed please

Hi -
I have just sent the support team and email requesting urgent authorization for an email campaign that we really need to send out asap today. There are only under 1400 reciprients who have all given our client permission to contact them in this manner. We did not expect this problem as it didnt occur last time we used your system. We will have a big problem if the campaign has to be delayed.
Please can you let me know asap when this can be addressed?
Our account is Opus Design
Hope to hear form you asap. Thanks

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Katy,

It looks like we're reviewing your campaign right now, so you should hear back from us shortly. You can read about how the approval process works here. It's generally just a 1 time thing, once you're approved you shouldn't be delayed again unless sending to a significantly larger list.

D. Potter
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