Google Analytics code not detected

Thanks in advance.

I copypaste the Google Analytics code in my first page, but Campaign Monitor doesn't detect it (?!)

Maybe it's because the first page name's isn't "index"? His name is "portada_view". The programmer used a framework (EllisLab), and I suspect it is the reason why Campaign Monitor doesn't detect it.

Could you help me, please?


andreand, 8 years ago

What I mean is:
when I click the url to my website, Campaign Monitor doesn't detect my webpage has the Google Analytics code.

Then the url show me a message error, and not my webpage.

Some help?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Can you please elaborate a little more - I'm not sure how you expect Campaign Monitor to be functioning - the Google Analytics integration is really for adding analytics parameters to your email's links, and then they are handled by your website.

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andreand, 8 years ago

Sorry. I'll try to explain.

It's about the web address that appears in my template.

When I click it (, another address is opened:

and a message error appears.

My web ( has Google Analytics code inserted in.

I've been investigating and I detected Google Analytics code is in a page called "portada_view". It seems the programmer used a framework to built my web, and it's because he put the code there, and not in "index".
The index that opens my web, is far from a "usual" index, I mean, whitout <html> labels ... and so I can't paste Google Analytics code there.

I think this is the reason why doesn't work the url ( in my template.

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