Unsubscribe and Forward to Friend Styling Issue

I'm a relative beginner when it comes to this kind of stuff so I've run into a problem that could probably be fixed very quickly and easily. I'm just not savvy enough to know exactly what is wrong.

I have created a design/template for an email campaign and it all displays correctly when I preview it in a browser, but when I upload the design to Campaign Monitor, the Unsubscribe and Forward to Friend links lose their styling. (uppercase and Black to sentence case and white)

I've check the file, messed with the various areas in the css styling and previewed in firefox and safari before uploading to Campaign Monitor and it's fine. But as soon as I upload it and click the preview after it is uploaded, it displays in sentence case and white again.

Any help here? Suggestions?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


To help with this one, we'd really need to see the HTML and CSS you are importing. Can you please email support at campaignmonitor.com with the details? Thanks for your help.

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lathen.kamas, 8 years ago

Got that issue figured out! Thank you for your help though. Now, on to the other issues...

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