FireFox problems with one email


an email I just sent does not properly forward links  on FireFox 3.5.2.

Sample links:

Nor does the "web" version of the email show up on FireFox:

As for the email itself, it shows up fine with images on FireFox (environment, gMail on webmail mode) but the problem is that none of the links work.

Instead of showing the web version of the email  or forwarding the links, it shows a blank screen that reads "Bad Request". The source of the error page only shows "<h1>Bad Request</h1>"

It does show up and links fine on Chrome and Internet Explorer 8, and I'm puzzled. I tried turning off AdBlock plus, thinking that it may be the culprit, but it's same.

None of the other emails (on the public archive) work either. For example:

I had this happen on another computer a few weeks ago and thought it was that particular computer's cache or DNS problem (it was my boss's computer and it was infected with a bunch of viruses, so I thought it was natural it had malfunctioned. For the record.. that computer was not used to create any of the emails themselves, although the computer was used to log in to the admin screen a couple times to manually add a couple subscribers), but I wonder if this happened on every subscriber with a Firefox browser for the email I sent today morning..

Ideas for why this may have happened and how to fix it? I can't imagine there may be something wrong on's NS records (CNAME etc) since it's fine in other browsers.

I am a bit concerned about losing visitors because of this bug. If you need to get in touch with me immediately regarding this issue, I am available on Google Talk at ID: , cell: 323-244-5309 and Twitter yonghokim . (Don't worry about personal info leakage - I have always posted my cell phone number in my website anyway)


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


I am using Firefox 3.5.2 and those links are all working fine for me, so it may actually be something specific to your browser (like a different plugin or setting). I've checked on both Windows and Mac copies of Firefox 3.5.2

Can you try from a different computer or network?

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yonghokim yonghokim, 8 years ago

I tried from my netbook (same network, same workgroup) and it WORKS! Phew! So maybe I didn't lose on clicks.

The netbook has firefox 3.5.0

Both computer have similar add-ons (diff versions, the netbook being on the older side) - they both have: adblock plus, delicious, download statusbar, java quickstarter, tiny menu, url fixer.

Additionally, the betbook's Firefox has Google Gears, Menu Editor, Full Fullscreen, speed dial and web developer. Office computer's Firefox has additionally Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant and XMarks.

I tried disabling a couple suspects selectively, which didn't work, and at the end I de-activated everything, cleared all cache and session info, and it worked!

I then re-activated all the add-ons and now it works. Wha?

I think AdBlock plus may be the culprit because I blocked a couple ranges on Amazon's S3, to block off Twitter's profile images (to make Twitter work-friendly):

A follow-up question: does any of CampaignMonitor's backend rely on cloud computing infrastructure, in particular Amazon's EC2/S3?

Well if anyone comes across what happened to me, try deactivating everything and purging all cache and session data and restarting firefox, like I did.

Would anyone like to dig deeper into this? I'm not sure if Firefox leaves logfiles behind, but I'd be willing to provide them (assuming the purge of cache and session data didmn't get rid of it)

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

We do store images on a CDN (as described here: ) which could potentially be the issue. We're not using Amazon's solution though.

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dylan_k, 8 years ago

I'm having this very same problem, but not just with Firefox. IE8/win also shows nothing for the links. The "Web" version just shows an error message.

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