read more links and image alignment

Hi i have finally got around to building my first email template and most of it has been pretty easy although you should make it easier to find the list of tags you can use in the template :)

I have two questions, my first is about image alignment is there a way within a repeater section to allow alternating images so that for each repeat the image is placed on the right then the left and so on?

My second query is about adding a link at the bottom of each repeater as a read more link. is there a way to add this in automatically so the user doesn't have to remember to include it? Ideally it would be a link that automatically uses the titles link url?

other than these few things ive enjoyed creating the template and i am sure the more i do the easier it will get and the more ill want to push what it can do :)

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hey Slee,

At the moment, neither of those are possible with our current system, but they are great suggestions and I'll definitely pass them along as feature requests.

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slee slee, 8 years ago

Ah that is  shame i hope this might be added in the future.

To do as i have suggested i presume i can simple add in image blocks etc just not in a repeater?
If i do that and say create 5 areas if they only use 4 will the 5th output empty?

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago


Sort of. If you have any default text that guides your clients for what they should enter, such as "Add a title here", they'd have to select to edit that and delete the default text for it to disappear. The image holder box (which shows light grey with a little 'replace' icon), would still be there, but would disappear if they just didn't take action to replace the image. So, it's a bit counter-intuitive, to be sure, it would be something that you'd have to educate your clients on.

Another not-quite-satisfactory solution could be to use repeaters for each block. With repeaters, your clients have the chance to click a little 'delete' icon which would remove the block altogether. But then, when creating the email, they'd have to ignore the 'Add New Item' button that would appear for the repeater item. It could get confusing, but perhaps with some client education, it may be workable.

The Campaign Monitor Blog – HTML email smarts to go with your good looks
slee slee, 8 years ago

ok thanks for the help ill have to see how i move forward with this

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