Clients pending approval for days now

We have a number of clients who have submitted campaigns and have not been approved for days now. Is there an issue with the system or are we doing something incorrectly?

As you can appreciate, there is a continual build-up of frustration from our clients and it's very unprofessional having to repeatedly tell them to hold tight and their campaigns will be approved shortly.

StJohn, 8 years ago

Hi, it's not yet a case of days for me, just a few hours (so far). However on previous occasions lists were approved extremely efficiently in a matter of minutes. Client is getting frustrated as his campaign is sensitive to timing.

petter, 8 years ago

Trying my first campaign - and that was supposed to go out this morning. Didn't read about the list approval thing before it popped up when I was supposed to send (probably my bad). Taken hours already to approve, and they say it should be soon and instant? Can't wait the 12 hrs max limit, and certainly not days. Have to send now, otherwise it is just waste anyway...

No phone number to make contact here either (?)

Had I known, I would have split my list in chunks... might try that still...

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi guys, sorry to hear you're having trouble.

If you haven't heard back from us about a campaign pending approval for days (or for several hours), please check your junk folder first to see if our reply has been filtered. If you can't find any reply from us, please send us an email and we'll look into it.

Petter, I'm afraid we'll need a full explanation from you regarding the permission from your recipients, before you can send any campaigns.


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saecreative, 8 years ago

Hi Stig,

Have already sent through an email and have not received any response as yet. What do you suggest we do?

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