Anyone having problems with VERY SLOW delivery?

I have been sending for a couple of months now for various clients I have. Everything has been going smoothly and very timely. I have been quite pleased... 'Till yesterday and today.

Could not get them delivered for a long time to addresses for two large domains email groups. Both accounts are with our company so it was easy for us to pick up that it was taking a while since the President of the company wondered where his was.

Our company postmaster and I researched the problem through our filters and found they were not getting to our front door at all. We did add the domain to our whitelists and opened everything else up to see if that expedited the delivery to our company accounts. I sent the email yesterday morning around 10 am (ET) and SOME of them have been slowly delivered up through this early morning. of the well over 100 email addresses with this common email domain only 1/4 of them have been delivered and it is over 24 hours later.

I sent out and email for another one of our sister companies this morning, which will include a lot of those same company domain email addresses. It is still slow today.

I have also had a lot of "Soft Bounce - General"  to our addresses for and

Is anyone dealing with the same slow delivery over the past day or two?

get2runin, 8 years ago

I notice after posting that my second paragraph is incomplete. At the beginning of para 2 it should read that I recently sent an email campaign yesterday and a separate one today (two different emails). Neither have delivered to the bulk of their respective subscriber lists in a timely manner.

get2runin, 8 years ago

Did some google searching and finally read on the blog. so i guess I got my answer as to why the emails were being delivered so slowly. a back log i guess...

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